Welcome to Thailand Microgreens, we are happy to serve both the restaurant sector and private homes throughout

the Chiang Mai Region.

Local organic ultra-fresh microgreens delivered to your home or restaurant

We can deliver any choice of microgreen that you want from our extensive menu of over 14 microgreens. (different microgreens are available on request) You can choose Live microgreens in a In 2 sizes, our regular size 15cm x 12cm tray, And our large size try 30cm x 20cm.

Or we can harvest them for you. You can order single microgreens of special mixes and super salads.

Microgreens delivered to your front door every week free of charge

We are very happy to deliver your microgreens either live or harvested on a weekly basis directly to your door FREE of any delivery charge... We deliver Tuesday and Friday for the whole Chaing Mai area.

Organic, all-natural immunity booster!

Microgreens are a proven, healthy way to add vitamins, minerals, and amino acids back into your body. We all eat junk sometimes...or a lot of the time.
Add microgreens to your salad, sandwich, burger, sushi, pizza, cracker & cheese, smoothie, etc!
See how much better it tastes and how much better you feel after having these little compact, nutrient-rich flavor bombs invade your life!

First sample delivered for free!

If you love it, which we are sure you will, we can start you on a delivery schedule for our

100% organic, homegrown microgreens.

We have no contracts.
No warranties, nothing but a great product, delivered for free.